[insert dance here] - parking lot

Dancers : Isa, Maggie, Morgan, Olivia

"What Is It?"
Perhaps, by now there is some intrigue around what Dancers Awareness Project actually "is". The best way to explain it in mho is, whatever it feels it needs to be. Side tab, why do we feel we always need to know? One can completely enjoy an experience without all of the certainty. In fact and I imagine, some of the unknown is actually what makes some things thrilling. We are here for the community, the world and for you. A dear friend recently described DAP as "avant garde." I was super flattered.
My goal is to connect dancers of all kinds to one another through positive and inviting experiences. To lift each other up. To inspire creative thinking. To produce meaningful content. To cycle good in the direction of someone or something else. To be aware and conscious of one another. And to create community. To give DAP.
Thank you to the four dancers for being so generous and open to sharing with each other. 

Location.  Parking Lot on Clark St.

Location.  Parking Lot on Clark St.

Footage above is from our 2nd Annual Dancer MeetUp. An open invitation for dancers to come hang out, do something different, and share their artistry.

This project is a part of our series [Insert Dance Here] - putting dance in unexpected spaces such as this parking lot. 

Video by Ashley Rockwood. Music "Waking Up to the Sun" by Pictures of the Floating World.