Photography + Words By Ashley Rockwood

Note - expletives came with the location

"Guard Your Life"
Now seems like a good time to stand guard. Protect what we all work so hard for. Blood, sweat, tears. For our art. There will always be a way because it is for the people. And we won't let each other down. Show them why they need us. Earth without art is just eh. You may not feel inclined to protest, march, demonstrate, rally. But do something. Anything. Donate. Attend. Support. Encourage. Educate. Share. This is an entire community of importance, free thinking, creativity and inclusion. If you want it, you better guard it with all of your might.

Location.  Somewhere outside of Kayak Chicago

Location.  Somewhere outside of Kayak Chicago

There's Something About Mary. No really. I imagine she got that a lot in 1998. I saw her dance for the first time in the studio in 'Addicted To Love' as one part of an oh so dynamic duo. I was remarked by the jittering, crazy nimble, catlike moving coming from her. And she was as cool and calm as a cucumber when I met her. On the next run in, we were dancing together and pre rehearsal she was on the floor in a straddle studying from a “quantum mechanics" book. Talk about body and brains.


Dap involvement

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